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Price list-

Pool size         60,000L               90,000L               120,000L                150,000L

Startup            R270                    R320                    R370                      R420

Bi-monthly      R170                   R220                    R270                       R320


Costs Based on a 60 thousand Litre pool:

Electrochlor @ R170 / 2 Months / per a month R85
Blue52 /per month R99
Floaters / per month R99
Chlorine 10Kg @ R270 = R6.75 1 cup per day / per month R202
Month Mate / per month R99

Turnaround time can be 24 Hrs using Flocculants provided the water is conditioned right. This requires a manual vacuum
Alternatively a filter aid takes a few days depending on various factors IE filter /pump and pool size

Startup includes Double dose plus water conditioning plus clarifier.  

Services also include

-  pumps,

- filters,

-solar panels

- sand changes

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Electrochlor was established in Durban in 1985 by Fritz VonGordon . A chemist with vast experience in water treatment. It has been used there with great sucsess since then and is still growing with branches nationwide Now in Gauteng!

What is Electrochlor?


This is a very effective pool water treatment saving you money & time,with no side effects or stains as in copper based products even after years of use, it is also very weather proof, so no worries when rain and thunder storms arrive

Turn-Around times


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